Professional Development

In today’s competitive market it is very important to stand out due to high unemployment and to the development of the companies. Therefore it is vital for companies to strive for continuous improvement of workforce skillset and versatility. Our professional development is driven by the recognition that trained employees are key to the delivery of projects with the technical excellence and quality standards required worldwide across the main industries, including naval, railway, aircraft, petrochemical and others.

admira solutions aims to contribute to the professional development of the company’s employees or individual training of each person, through workshops that contribute to increase the competitiveness and productivity of our customers.

The diversity of the admira solutions team and varied experience accumulated in all sectors of the industry, allows us to develop and deliver effective training in the industrial sector and the tertiary sector, ensuring the implementation of best practices in engineering.

Our professional development can be tailored and targeted to develop graduate engineers as well as experienced personnel.

Any of our training projects can be delivered as a generic package to include participant activities or can be tailored to deliver specific Professional development for engineering staff.

Professional development can be delivered at client’s facilities or within our offices.

Our highly qualified consultants , trainers and tutors are able to:

  • Analyze the specific context of the sessions : "objective , input profiles and program output , the conditions under which the action is carried out"
  • Plan , prepare and design training projects requested by diagnostic tools tested and needs assessment, operational reality adjustable customer and know-how in the design of professional development programs
  • Adapt to different organizational contexts and for different groups of students
  • Project planning sessions tailored to each client
  • Systematic Update of internal staff and employees
  • Support and advice after training

admira solutions has technological supports management specially designed to control and monitor all professional development activity.

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